Electric Stimulation

How Electrical Stimulation Can Improve Your Health

Your doctor just recommended a therapy called electrical stimulation for your injury or condition. You are probably wondering what that is and why you are suggested to that therapy. While electrical stimulation therapy sounds scary, it is not. Electrical stimulation, also known as e-stim, is a common form of treatment that therapists and chiropractors like Dr. Helvig at Helvig Health Chiropractic use to help their patients improve their injuries as well as their health. Take a look at the information below to learn more about e-stim and how it can help you.


What is Electrical Stimulation?

Electrical stimulation is a rehabilitation treatment that a chiropractor or therapist can use to stimulate muscle reaction, healing, nervous system correction, and similar benefits. Electrical currents are moved through the treated muscle to trigger a muscular contraction. As the muscle relaxes and contracts, the stimulated function helps the muscle to regain its normal ability as well as triggering the healing process through increased blood flow in the area.

Muscle Atrophy and Recovery

A disadvantage of having an injury, disease, or a long-term disability is the loss of muscle tone from a lack of physical activity. According to Dr. Alan Helvig, muscles can only stay strong as long as they are used actively and regularly. It is one of the many reasons why sports players seem to shrink in size after they retire and are no longer active as a professional athlete. Unfortunately, too much loss of muscle can be a serious problem for the person who has muscle atrophy. With electrical stimulation treatment, the same muscles can be triggered to work again regularly, improving their function and capability.

Improving Your Health with Electrical Stimulation

In addition to improving muscle function, increasing circulation, helping your body to heal, electrical stimulation therapy can:

  • Help you control, reduce, or even eliminate your acute or chronic pain
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Improve your range of motion and motor coordination
  • Prevent muscle atrophy and recurring muscle spasm episodes

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Try it for yourself at Helvig Health Chiropractic, serving  the folks in Sun City, Peoria, Surprise, and El Mirage, AZ. Electrical stimulation can provide a number of benefits for every patient, ranging from better athletic performance to improved muscle tone and general system improvement. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor by calling us at 623-933-0499 or by visiting our website.


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