Here at Helvig Health Chiropractic, physiotherapy is among our many services. Physiotherapy is the application of electric muscle stimulation and/or ultrasound therapy for the benefit of the patient. These forms of therapy are able to address a great number of medical conditions, from arthritis to soft tissue injury. 


The Benefits of Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy is able to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, improve mobility, and promote general bodily function. The point of this therapy is that it utilizes physical methods over treatments like surgery or medication. For those clients looking to avoid heavy drug use or surgery, physiotherapy conducted by a licensed chiropractor is a great treatment plan for certain medical conditions. Physiotherapy is also great as a holistic solution; holistic health plays a key role in preventing future health problems, and physical therapy can aid in that. 

Types of Physiotherapy 

There are different approaches to physiotherapy, each of which aims to target a particular health benefit. For example, corrective exercise is a type of physical movement that can correct an injury. Corrective exercise will use muscle training and strength training to achieve its end. 

Manual therapy uses physical manipulation for treatment. Spinal manipulation is a particularly effective form of manual therapy, focusing on stabilizing the spine. Manual therapy might involve stretching and resistance training as well as manipulation. There is also electrotherapy, a version that uses ultrasound, laser therapy, or diathermy to stimulate the nervous system. 

What to Expect from Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapeutic treatment will largely depend on your medical condition, its severity, and the type of method the chiropractor applies to you. For instance, Dr. Helvig may decide to use massage therapy to reduce stress and promote healthy blood circulation. In the case of a massage therapy session, you may be asked to remove clothing and lay down on a massage bed for treatment. In the case of corrective exercise, the doctor will train you with safe and effective ways for treatment. The chiropractor will walk you through the process of physiotherapy, whatever form it takes. If you have any questions about the steps taken in a specific physiotherapeutic treatment plan, be sure to voice these questions or concerns to the doctor.

Finding Chiropractic Physiotherapy in AZ

Helvig Health Chiropractic is providing physiotherapy to the residents of El Mirage, Peoria, Surprise, and Sun City. You can contact us today by calling 623-933-0499 to schedule an appointment. We can further discuss options for physiotherapy.


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