My first visit was positive. Receptionist was warm, friendly and efficient. Dr Helvig was a good listener and help to diagnose and treat my discomfort and symptoms. Treatment included both hands on and technical/mechanical procedures. I will return.
– Fred W.

By far the best and most affective experience I’ve ever had with a chiropractor. I was nervous walking in to a new place. But was my mind was put to ease almost immediately. Staff is super friendly and helpful.
I’m very satisfied with my experience here and will be sending my friends and family here as well.
Almost pain free!! Thank you thank you!!
– Amy N.

I was in horrific pain in my back. Dr Helvic saw me the same day I called for an appointment. He is absolutely the best chiropractor I have ever found. His staff is professional, courteous and compassionate. I no longer have the back pain I had. I highly recommend him.
– Michele M.

I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Helvig here in Sun City. His treatment plan includes pre-adjustment heat and TENS stimulation to treat pain and inflammation. It also includes post adjustment ultra sound heat to reduce pain and muscle tightness. His chiropractic adjustment are always careful and effective, especially on my chronic low back and neck alignment condition. The office staff is very friendly and efficient. Located in Sun City they seem to mostly treat seniors, which in general need extra care due to arthritis, myself included.
– James L.

I came to Dr. Helvig as a last resort before having neck surgery. I swear he’s a miracle worker! Great bedside maker and the price is right too.
– Joan K.

A truly professional office! I received excellent care and communication , which I always hope for. Dr. Helvig and staff, did in fact, exceed expectations in those areas. One thing I did experience in this visit that was unique. I received KINDNESS, which was something I have never experienced in a patient/doctor interaction. It was a foreign and beautiful experience, I will remember all my life.
– Deborah K.

I am so happy I found Dr. Helvig. I’ve gone to chiropractors before but have never had the success I have had with Dr Helvig. In just a few sessions he has fixed the stress in my shoulders and neck. Then my back went out and he fixed that in two sessions. Then I had leg cramps and terrible pain in my leg and thigh and he fixed that in one session. I walked out of there pain-free. A Miracle!!
– Jean H.

Best chiropractor I’ve ever had, and I’ve been treated by quite a few good ones! Each treatment is like physical therapy. Excellent results, and I am on maintenance.

– Judy V.,Submitted 07/19

Great chiropractic center. Incredible care. Always corrects my issues.

– Dr. Randolph E.,Submitted 07/19

Dr. Helvig was fantastic! I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for years and after only only a few visits I began feeling much better. He took a lot of time during my initial consultation to explain the underlying causes as to why I was experiencing so much pain. He then developed a realistic treatment plan for my busy lifestyle. I’ve only been seeing him for a few weeks and my pain level is SO MUCH BETTER! Best of all, his treatment is very affordable and actually works!

– Paige H.,Submitted 07/19

I was impressed with my first visit to see Dr. Alan Helvig caring, personable and knowledgeable, he does not hurry your treatment and he listens to the issues that you have going on, I went in with the pain of 10 in 4 treatments I am now at a pain level 3 which I haven’t been in a very very long time, the staff I give 5 stars Donna will even give u a hug if u need one, very affordable and I’m telling all my friends and relatives you have to check this Dr & staff out you won’t be disappoint

– Donna K.,Submitted 07/19

So thankful I found Dr. Helvig. It starts the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by his friendly staff. Dr. Helvig is a kind, caring man. I had been dealing with another chiropractor but was getting worse instead of better. After the first visit I felt better than I had in a year, the second visit got me back to being able to walk, and do things that were becoming difficult.Thank you Dr. Helvig and staff. You’re awesome

– Kathy C.,Submitted 07/19

Dr. Helvig is knowledgeable, friendly and listens to your concerns. His staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

– Debbie V.,Submitted 07/19

The ancillary staff is great! Know them by name. The office is efficient. Don’t have to wait most of the time and then it’s just a couple of minutes. And yes Dr Helvig is great also. Very down to earth.They are “keepers”.

– Bill K.,Submitted 07/19

Love Dr. Helvig and his staff. Have been to many chiropractors since car accidents and Dr Helvig is best I’ve found in Phoenix. Very knowledgeable and caring. He uses several healing modalities as well as adjustments.

– Marlena K., Submitted 07/19

I was seen for a lower back injury that became very debilitating in a matter of a few weeks. Desperate for help, I called Dr. Helvig’s office and was surprised of how soon he was able to get me in. He was able to adjust and alleviate my back pain after only a few visits. I strongly recommend Dr. Helvig for your chiropractic needs. Fantastic customer service from the moment you walk in! Rachel & Dr. Helvig make for an awesome team!

– Andrea S., Submitted 07/19

I have been going to Dr. Helvig almost 4 years now. I had never gone to one before him, and was pretty uncomfortable-when he assured me that he works with all ages up to pat 90 years old, I relaxed a bit. (Which allowed for some serious adjustments!) Dr. Helvig and his team are not only professional and courteous- the treat you like family!! It is like walking into the ‘Cheers’ pub when you enter for your appointment. Dr. Helvig’s prices are AMAZING- and they always cover the area of concern.

– Alison S., Submitted 07/19

Dr. Helvig is one of the Best chiropractors around, he is so friendly and down to earth. He is willing to jump in and take care of any and all needs. Nothing is above him from running the front office to the back. He has great staff, ( Rachel ) and others PT. When you go in there you are in pain but when you leave you feel better even mentally because they make the office such an incredible environment . I highly recommend this office for your chiropractic needs.

– Charise A., Submitted 07/19

Researching the internet I found Dr. Alan Helvig. His reviews were encouraging so I made an appointment and got right in. I was impressed at my first session. His diagnosis was correct (I got the same diagnosis with my neurologist at home.) His chiropractic methods are effective and certainly help relieve the pain. He is very competent and intelligent and gave advice and home exercises that improved my pain. This time my sessions were worth the time and cost. Thanks to Dr Helvig

– Kathleen M., Submitted 07/18

Dr. Helvig got to the core of my severe neck pain and I am now pain free. I will continue to see him on a regular basis to stay pain free. Dr. Helvig and his staff are the best! I highly recommend him.

– Roxann P.,Submitted 05/18

As a “snow bird” in need of “temporary” help I was concerned about finding a competent chiropractor in Sun City. I found Dr. Helvig in the phone book and took a “chance”. Wow! The best chance I’ve taken! Over the three years that I’ve been a patient, I’ve found Dr. Helvig to be knowledgeable, competent and profoundly empathetic, interested in me and in my problem. I’ve found complete relief each time I’ve sought his services.

– Glen S., Submitted 05/18

Best chiropractor for back pain relief hands down.

– Adrian A., Submitted 03/18

Great experience. We have known Alan and his dad for decades. Would highly recommend this office.

– Lu Ann B.,Submitted 03/18

Very compassionate, immediate care to help relieve pain and discomfort. Knowledgeable medical advise and care with a warm friendly atmosphere. Recommended excellence

– Sharon J.,Submitted 12/17

Exams and adjustments always very thorough. This is the send time I have gine for a hurting back and results have been seen very quickly!

– Rene F.,Submitted 11/17

I pulled Dr. Helvig’s info from internet. I was able to get an appt the next day. All staff was friendly. Dr. Helvig is very knowledgeable and was able to identify my problem. My pain decreased on very first visit. I was very surprised pleasantly. My first experience with a chiropractor and it was good. Thank you

– Wanda H., Submitted 09/17